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Livery is just £13 per horse per day!


Our horse’s health and well-being is fundamental to our ability to achieve our goals.

We have based our livery packages around offering the horse every opportunity to thrive by incorporating innovative management and our belief that keeping horses as close to nature as possible will allow them and us the best life together.

Our combination of Equi-Central management and Track Life means that we can offer 24-hour year-round turn out at Dudmaston Stud in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, allowing horses to live as a herd where possible, allowing all the scientifically proven benefits both physically and psychologically.

We have extensively researched nutrition and offer the best feeding programmes to promote a healthy diet for our horses.

Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with owners to make sure that the horses have every element of their welfare taken care of whilst they are in our care. 24-hour supervision means you can have peace of mind and confidence that your horse will be taken care of 365 days a year.

Our facilities include:

  • Analysed adlib hay and haylage.
  • Bespoke nutritional plan for each horse designed by Forage Plus.
  • Farrier and Dentist appointments arranged and overseen if needed.
  • Turnout as required or preferred.
  • 20m x 60m arena with training mirrors and theory hut (with log burner, hot drinks, and food making facilities,) allows year-round under cover viewing, along with built in PA designed to create an optimal learning space.
  • 25m round pen and picadero offer alternative spaces to allow you a freedom to train. Our wonderful open spaces and beautiful hacking means you can enjoy your horses in several fabulous locations.
  • Secure tack room and parking means your equipment and vehicles can be kept safe and easy access.


Types of Livery

  • Holiday Livery: for peace of mind whilst you’re on your travels or temporary change of circumstances. Includes all of the Full Livery benefits.
  • Retirement Livery: Give your horse the best quality of life in their later years. Includes all of the Full Livery benefits.
  • Mare and Foal Livery: Let us guide your mare and foal through a non traumatic, natural weaning programme, giving your foal the best start in life. Includes all of the Full Livery benefits.
  • Young Stock Livery: Give your youngster the benefits of herd socialization skills. Includes all of the Full Livery benefits.
  • Training Livery: Set training goals and achieve them during your stay with us. Includes all of the Full Livery benefits.

To discuss your livery requirements please apply here.

Livery & Lifestyle

Our bespoke livery service includes holiday livery, stud packages and weaning programmes, and has the welfare and safety of our horses at the core. Every stage is taken with care to make sure we maintain the highest standards and optimal conditions for our horses.

We provide a positive environment with lots of room for growth, including supporting your horse’s development with group training and our private mentoring programme.