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The Student of the Horse philosophy was born in my mid teens. In search of learning and studying many of the horsemanship programs of my youth I worked for many top trainers in different equestrian sports and finally found my own truth and enjoyment in the academic art of horsemanship. I did not know this would go on to become my life’s work,  but it just so happened that thousands of other people were also looking to escape the complexityfind the true nature and make time to simply Enjoy Horses!


If in life we dedicate time to stripping everything back to discover the true nature, we allow ourselves the opportunity to observe without judgementlearn from our observation, create or just allow something beautiful from that, enjoy and be inspired, then simply repeat.


As a Student of the Horse (or in fact a student of anything that you love, music, skiing, photography…) we allow our-self a unique opportunity to experience the world as if in first sight, unclouded by “knowingness”.


To place our knowledge in soft focus and see as though through the eyes of a child, opens up the door to infinite possibilities for learning, creativity and enjoyment.


Through coaching we have observed that if we can sustain our “Student Status” then the “Mastery” takes care of itself.


We talk a lot about Dressage in relation to the education of the horse and rider, however the meaning behind our version of this word started in the books written by the old masters long ago. As children or indeed horses we enter into education wholly through inspiration and exploration. As a child educated at a Rudolf Steiner school, I was under the assumption that Dressage meaning “The dressed horse” would be an educated horse in the whole sense. So from childhood to now “The Dressed Horse” or indeed “The Dressed Human” is for me born out of awareness and therefore in complete freedom.


In the fast paced virtual world we live in, we have all become increasingly aware of the beautiful gifts attained by dedicating time to get back to the genuine nature of ourselves, our family members and our horses. This allows for a fuller way of being together, by being a part of the innate truth rather than solely relying on learnt knowledge, which is often edited by our perception. So unplug, turn off, get outside and enjoy.


This is one of the many reasons we have built our life and family around horses, and this is what we enjoy to share passionately with Student of the Horse friends all over the world.


We have found horses (and children) to be the most amazing teachers of how to really thrive and succeed by being fully present.


In the same way a child can engage with a marble or cardboard box for hours on end, we have learnt to engage fully and presently with the systematic, academic education of horses and humans. Coaching many courses on how to “Stay Engaged in the Moment” creatively and allowing you and your horse time to enjoy, be curious, explore the moment fully and through this process achieve deeper learning and from that your personal best.


We are constantly learning the more we listen and collaborate with people and their horses. Therefore we welcome you to stay in touch and sign up to our monthly newsletter to get inspired by our incredible team of incredible horse teachers, and academic coaches. Not to mention amazing podiatrists, bodyworkers, vets, saddle makers and nutritionists: the list goes on.


With never ending thanks and gratitude to our family and friends that have dedicated countless hours behind the scenes to the building of Dudmaston Stud and the Student of the Horse project,  we look forward to continuing to welcome Students of the Horse from all over the world and sharing in this incredible equestrian life.