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Genuine Horse Development Course 2022

A unique opportunity to get the best coaching and advance you and your horse’s education.

What is Genuine Horse Development?

The GHDC is a 6-module programme focussing on the six key elements of training:

  • Basic Horsemanship Skills
  • Ground Work
  • In Hand Skills
  • Lunging
  • Riding
  • Liberty

Module 1: The Art of Basic Horsemanship Skills

Mastering your Basic Horsemanship Skills will give you the foundations on which your horse’s academic education can be built. Heightening your awareness and developing a sense of effortless effort, way beyond what you ever thought possible.

GHDC Module 2

Module 2: The Art of Groundwork

By taking the time to study and Master Groundwork according to the Great Masters, you will Achieve Balance, Symmetry and Confidence.

Module 3: The Art of In Hand work

This course enables you to develop a complete understanding of the Academic Framework of the aids before starting Lunging or Ridden work.

In-Hand work will strengthen your Combined Body Awareness and give you and your horse a more Complete Understanding of each other’s strengths and limitations.

GHDC Module 4

Module 4: The Art of Lunging

This course provides you with the skills to assess and develop all three gaits, improves Rhythm, Balance, Tempo and Relaxation.

Lunging without knowledge can be very detrimental to your horse’s mind and body, but The Art of Lunging can transform your horse’s way of going immeasurably.

Module 5: The Art of Riding

By Mastering the previous modules your horse will be Calm, Relaxed with the Knowledge of how to Rebalance Himself and adjust his Point Of Mass. 

It is because of your great preparation in the previous 4 modules that whether it’s a First Ride or your one hundredth ride you will both move away from the mounting block in complete Balance, Confidence and Togetherness.

Module 6: The Art of Liberty

As in life, a complete understanding brings more Freedom.

In this course, you will truly reap the rewards of taking the time to progress your Combined Body Awareness.

We will enable you to experience complete Freedom, in shared understanding between you and your horse. A Truly Life Changing Experience.

The course includes:

  • Six theory modules and demo sessions over a two day period (weekdays, weekends or Friday/Saturday) that you can either attend in person here at Student of the Horse HQ or from the comfort of your laptop (via Zoom).
  • The opportunity to learn in a supportive community of other ambitious leisure riders and trainers, and to observe their work and progress.
  • An online folder containing detailed notes and diagrams of the six training components.
  • Each Module equates to approximately two hours of one to one coaching in the arena, as well as a theory and demo session with Arran and his teaching horses. 
  • Your horse’s board, or access to school horses, allowing you to experience exercises ahead of you and/or your own horse’s age and stage.
  • Additional one-to-one private coaching at a discounted half hourly rate, either in person or via Zoom.
  • The opportunity to observe Arran’s ‘Foal to Professor’ journey with multiple horses and stallions of different ages, either in person or via the private Facebook Group.
  • Access to our upcoming Coaching Video Library, which will include recordings of each and every Module of the GHDC (should you be unable to attend either live or via Zoom), as well as additional content, including ‘how to’ guides. It will also include access to all recorded footage from the GHDC 2020 Modules.
  • Regular opportunities to holiday with your horse at Student of the Horse HQ in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.
  • The cumulative benefit of joining a well-established course now entering its seventh year, which will give you confidence and experience in the following training components.

2022 Dates

The course runs from April to October (not including August) and there is the option to specify whether you prefer to book a place on the weekday, weekend or Friday/Saturday Track. 

There is also the option of attending the theory and demonstration either in person (with your horse or a teaching horse) or remotely if you are unable to travel. 

Please specify whether you would prefer a weekend, weekday or Friday/Saturday option on the Booking page.

Pay Monthly

£199 per month for 11 months (for new delegates)

£191 (Week day) / £195 (Weekend) per month for 11 months (for returning delegates)

If you are planning to attend the course with another family member we are now pleased to offer you both a combined rate of £291 per month for 11 months for two people to attend.

In order to maintain the intimate and dedicated nature of the Genuine Horse Development Course we only have limited spaces left for 2022. If your application does not get accepted this time you may still get accepted at a later date.

Genuine Horse Development Course 2022

A unique opportunity to get the best coaching and advance you and your horse’s education.

You are right for this course if:

  • You are just starting out with horses and want to get off to the best start.
  • You are already a seasoned pro but want to take your career to the next level.
  • You love horses but feel ready to open your mind and get Inspired.
  • You are an International Student, or don’t own a horse but want to follow your passion with one of our Mastery Horses.
  • You are looking to take your experience to the next level and blow your equine partners mind with your Horse Centred approach.
  • You are ready to get focused and transform your practice be it creatively, academically or both!
  • Enjoy developing one or more of your own horses.