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Private Mentoring 2022

You are right for Private Mentoring if:

  • You have always dreamed of developing a deeper connection with your horse but not had the time or support.
  • You are appreciative and enthusiastic about equestrian arts.
  • You have taken part in the Genuine Horse Development Course and want to continue to develop your personal practise.
  • You are looking to rehabilitate your horse and support their physical and emotional development.
  • You have a deep knowledge of the six training components and want to take your work to the level of mastery.
  • You are an ambitious leisure rider who is ready to benefit from regular mentoring.


“My Equestrian Arts mentoring provides a calm space within daily life for personal creative and physical growth. It provides a behind the scenes look at my own personal training, as well as one to one time in the arena with me and your horse (or one of my teaching horses), allowing you to develop your own practise with your horses.

In order to achieve artistry with horses it’s important to get into a regular pattern of training, much in the same way you’d exercise a specific muscle at the gym.

As a member of the Private Mentoring programme you will become part of my own private daily practise with my own horses and I therefore only have limited spaces available.

Start your journey into equestrian art today and prepare to release your full potential.”

Arran Parker. 2021

Do you dream of mastering the art of horsemanship? A wise if misguided person once said 10,000 hours of practise was the key to becoming an expert in any given field but we here at Student of the Horse would like to put that to the test. We’re pleased to announce that in 2022 in addition to the Genuine Horse Development Course we are offering a number of Private Mentoring packages available for payment on a monthly basis to help spread the cost of training over the year, as well as offering some discounts.

Keeping our horses in balance both physically and mentally through the winter can be tough, so we are starting Private Mentoring in February 2022 for dedicated Students Of The Horse to help strengthen and deepen the practice of the six modules of Genuine Horse Development, in preparation for the exciting upcoming clinic season.


1. £100 per month for 1 hour per month (for 9 months)

2. £150 per month for 1.5 hours per month (for 9 months)

3. £195 per month for 2 hours per month (for 9 months)

4. £235 per month for 2.5 hours per month (for 9 months)

5. £50 spectator fee

Please note that anyone who accompanies is considered as a paying observer.

Your 9-month mentoring program includes:

  • Choose how many hours a month you would like to commit to training with your horse and pick the monthly retainer that’s right for you.
  • Plan, map and make your monthly goals a reality in your chosen area of development over your 9-month private mentoring program.
  • The opportunity to learn in a supportive community of other ambitious leisure riders and trainers, and to observe their work and progress.
  • Your horse’s board, or access to one of our Mastery Horses in your chosen area to develop, and feel what it is like to work with horses in their element!
  • Additional one-to-one private coaching at a discounted half hourly rate, either in person or via Zoom.
  • Enjoy all the amazing facilities that Dudmaston Stud offers, as well as saddle fitting and trialing the best equipment for your horse.
  • Understand how to Support Your Horse to work well in challenging environments.
  • You decide the day you train to suit you based on the monthly training dates available.
  • Unlimited email access.