Introducing the GHDC 2021

As we’re fast approaching the last few modules of the GHDC 2020 I wanted to reach out to you regarding the future of the course in 2021 and beyond. COVID has given you all the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zones and improve your skills through diligent study in a way that you may not have considered before. Similarly watching yourselves on video has enabled me to coach your work from a new perspective, allowing everyone to advance at a rate I’ve never experienced previously. It has also enabled us to enrich the lives of horse lovers that don’t have the privilege of owning their own horses, as well as enabling us to improve the quality of horse time for Students of the Horse in different countries, which has been enormously rewarding.

Getting to know you all in smaller groups and on a one to one basis has also allowed me to get to know both you and your horses on a deeper level, helping me to be a better coach, as well as capturing some great lightbulb moments on camera. We’ve also had the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful alfresco dining in the sunshine and relaxing stays with you and your horses. With this in mind we’re planning an updated and improved version of the GHDC in 2021 with some changes that make the format more flexible and a greater access to resources from the comfort of your own home (or stable!)…

What to look forward to in the class of 2021……

•      While we’re not changing the current format of six monthly theory and demonstration modules held over a two day period (weekday or weekends), we are now offering our delegates the flexibility to choose what days you’d like to attend the modules, which will be held on multiple weekdays and weekends throughout the month, and which you can join either in person with your horse (or a teaching horse) or online (via Zoom).

•      You’ll also have the choice to either come and watch the theory and demonstration live and then have some arena time in the afternoon, or to attend a training day, scheduled to suit your availability. Again with us not knowing what restrictions will be in place this year it will be possible to attend training days either individually or as part of a group.

•      As well as offering one to one coaching in person we’ll also be incorporating online training via Zoom for people who’d prefer to film their own work at home.

•      The opportunity to observe our ‘Foal to Professor’ journey with multiple horses and stallions of different ages, either live or via the private Facebook Group, or via our upcoming Online Training Library (more details to follow soon).

What else…?

•      An online folder containing detailed notes and diagrams of the six training components.

•      Access to school horses, allowing you to experience exercises ahead of you and/or your own horses age and stage.

•      Access to all the 2020 recorded modules.

•      Regular opportunities to holiday with your horse at Student of the Horse HQ in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

In addition to our Shepherd’s Hut, the Horse Lover’s retreat, our new Showman’s Wagon will soon be with us, offering another relaxing way to fully immerse yourself and discover your style as a horse listener and educator, either as part of the GHDC or for a private coaching Bootcamp, or as part of a horse holiday retreat (details to be announced soon).

As ever spaces are limited on next year’s course, with several new delegates signing up already, and I’m keen for as many people who want to continue their equestrian journey to have the opportunity to do so. With this in mind re-enrolment for existing GHDC students will be open until the end of October and there will be no cost increase in the course for 2021 for returning delegates. The Student of the Horse webpage will be updated soon with further information on the course and the option to book your place but for now please get in touch to register your interest.

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