The high road to high school

During these strange months of lockdown it occurred to me that the antidote to isolation is the sharing of knowledge. Even though we may not have been able to physically travel our knowledge still can, and we can still all benefit from putting our minds together. I’ve always believed that horsemanship is a truly collaborative Art and that two minds, or even more, are often better than one. So through the meeting of minds currently connecting via Zoom, FaceTime and any other platforms on a daily basis, the opportunity for growth and combined creativity is surely greater than ever.

I’ve been learning Freedom dressage my whole life and taking the high road to high school has not always been easy. In order for two minds to come together creatively as one requires a certain amount of objectivity, in order to truly create something beautiful together with our horses, and not just get caught up dancing around to the beat of your own drum.

This is where online coaching has proved to be so invaluable. By sharing our training we’re still able to learn even when we’re not allowed to meet in person. From a personal perspective, having the ability to pause the videos people have shared with me in the exact moment I want to bring people’s attention to, adjust our aids provides accountability.

We can all agree on why we are working this way, in full knowledge because we can all see it.

Of cause it’s also possible that the horse may choose not to respond but horses have such an overwhelming sense of discord that generally they are hard wired to connect to harmony and avoid chaos.

It is with this in mind I would like to invite you to join me on the high road to high school. Under the incredible and watchful eyes of Bent Branderup I am opening up my arena to you. Watch me and my team of young stallions fail it till we nail it so that you and your horse don’t have to, you can learn from our mistakes and come out of lockdown on the high road to high school.

My live lessons with Bent Branderup will resume shortly. Please stay tuned for more information!

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