No man is an island
Wow... what a start to our 12 month private mentoring programme with Student of the Horse!

Taking part in the Live event this weekend was a fantastic experience and the first step towards being part of the Student of the Horse team. The sun was shining, people were smiling and the horse’s got to sparkle up! Ari enjoyed a hot bath and solarium before the big day!!

Not only did it stretch mine and Ari’s comfort zone but it also gave me more awareness of where we are at in our training. Something I celebrate a lot in my work with horses is the development of my awareness so I can grow my knowledge and offer more to the horse. Training with Arran, proceeding with the Live event, and on the day gave me the support I needed in helping us to add another layer of understanding in our academic work. For me, the right support is critical as ‘no man is an island’.

I’ve dipped my toes into many different ponds in the horse world and have developed my skills with various methods and techniques. However, I had not yet found a ‘group’ or mentor who was really based on more than just the method. Until Student of the Horse and Arran Parker (the non method ‘method’!). We really are students of the horse and being part of this wonderful collaboration has given me huge confidence in believing we can raise the standard of horsemanship and the art of riding together.

Very excited for the next 12 months of mentoring from Arran and developing the academic and creative elements in my training, seeking the right level of engagement throughout! In addition to advancing my skills as a coach in the Genuine Horse Development programs set out for 2018! Sharing this unique opportunity with mentors committed to raising the bar and people’s awareness of The Horse is very special and exciting…and I’m super happy to feel part of something bigger!

Can’t wait for our next session…

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