Processing through the Genuine Horse Development Course…
There is no ceiling!

I first took part on the Genuine Horse Development Course  in 2017, and it was year of many break throughs, new understandings and greater awareness, in addition to a few struggles…there is always a struggle! I think the latter is what really keeps us in the game! The quest for just that little bit more knowledge and the quest to be just that little bit better, lighter and more in sync with the horse  has always been at the forefront of my drive and passion.

When I started on the course as a student I saw so much positive development in every participant including myself, I thought  I’d love to be part of the coaching team….at  some point! I was already teaching horse development  as a profession but when I was given the opportunity to become part of the team at SOTH I was over the moon and ready to take my career to the next level.

In 2018 I signed up to the private mentoring programme and became a support coach on the next GHDC . Wow! It’s been challenging and awesome all at the same time. Feeling part of such a great organisation has been so rewarding and aided me to further my abilities as a coach.

We are only half way through the course and I’m excited to see the students progress through the next three modules of development, creating their own unique understanding and art of horsemanship.

My own work has also been taken to new heights! Thank You Student of the Horse!

Already looking forward to 2019!

Written by Fliss Bell

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