You go where you look!
There's a great saying that goes...

…it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey, but it’s the destination that determines the journey.

I felt this today as I took part in my third Private Mentoring day at Student of the Horse, from Theory to Practical, I was reminded how hugely beneficial it is to think about what it is we are aiming for. A Clear Picture!

This then gives more structure and meaning to our journey. What is it we need to do, or work on, to achieve our picture? If you are like me I often float around with lots of different ideas and goals but sometimes I need to sit back and ask why I am doing it? What is my goal?  Where is the destination?

It was so beneficial to spend time thinking about where I’d like to get to and how will I know when we have got there?  It felt like I was recombining all the elements of our training and in turn inviting back the flow and rhythm.

I was over the moon to finally start to feel like our lead changes were more available. It’s been a challenging part of our journey and Ari has found them very difficult, causing me to ride in a more effortful way and for him to lose balance and harmony with my seat aids. Having worked on the elements and ingredients for some time it felt great to see them all work together!

“Look up!” I hear Arran say to me during our session…. a lot! “Look up and focus, don’t look down at the ground or at Ari’s shoulders!” I realised if I looked down I put Ari off balance, and instead needed to feel for Ari’s balance, so I could stay focused.

Thanks to Apollo, a Student of the Horse Mastery Horse, I got to ride tempi changes down the school with effortless effort. It was amazing (understatement,) to feel how much flow and how much understanding of the primary aids Apollo had. It helped me to develop a better feel for changes and an even clearer picture.

I left feeling invigorated, ambitious and grateful.

Thank you Arran.

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