Enjoy your horse in balance
Liberty clinic adds amazing layer of learning for Fliss and Ari.

Fliss and her horse Ari trained with Student of the Horse last week, and you can see how they got on below:

“Ari and I had an awesome time training with Arran Parker at ‘Student of the Horse’ last week, returning home Friday night with the biggest smile on my face. We worked on counter canter to flying lead changes on the straight and his passage at liberty. It was amazing to feel how ready Ari’s body is now due to our academic training over the last couple of years with Arran. Having more balance and bend in his hind legs Ari is able to find more power and jump in his movement without losing relaxation and suppleness. We later applied our academic work to liberty, focusing on Ari’s collected and connected trot and passage.

“I love liberty and I love how it shows you the truth in your connection and in your horse’s physical ability. I also see how important it is to set your horse up physically so he can feel even freer in his body when you play at liberty. I was very honoured to be taught by Arran’s high level horse Oakley, who let me experience and feel a true passage and piaffe. With a better understanding of what I was looking for Ari started to offer a more authentic passage, more aligned with his true balance and mine! Amazing layer of learning, can’t wait to see where this takes us. Thank you Arran.”

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