Have more fun with your horse
And make the summer of 2016 the best summer yet

Thanks to the ever popular and increasing demand for our Foundation Clinics, we are now offering additional clinics which will be taking place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 2016. Make the most of this fantastic opportunity for both you and your horse and book your place now.

Helen and her horse Fi attended our clinic last year and you can see how they got on below:

“Fi & I met Arran about 18 months ago. At that stage I’d owned her for about a year. I’d already taken her through a restarting process, but she was still gawky with muscles in all the wrong places, tense under saddle and she found the process of schooling very worrying. I remember clearly that at that time, I couldn’t ask for simple changes of flexion at walk without her rushing and overreacting to the aids. She had no bend at all in her body and would get very cross if I asked for some!

“I’m so glad that Arran was able to take us on; his programme works well for both of us. He has taught me how to train Fi to become more supple and gymnastic in her body. At the time he told me that as she improves physically, she’d also improve mentally. I must admit that back then, I wasn’t sure it would be as simple as that… but I was wrong!

“As our awareness has improved, so too has our ability to work together. We are now able to be aware of each other’s ideas without rushing or worrying. It’s this increased mutual trust that has delivered the most profound change in my relationship with her. The tense, defensive horse that struggled with learning is now a confident partner who I’m able to take out and about and enjoy. If she gets worried, I now have options to help regain her confidence.

“In the last six months we’ve been to the sea (Student of the Horse Beach Experience), Welsh castles (Genuine Horse Development Liberty Clinic), show jumping, taken part in ground work, in-hand training clinics and group rides – she has been a total star throughout. In all honesty, before I started training with Arran I simply couldn’t imagine that we would have been able to do those things, let alone enjoy them too!

“Don’t get me wrong there are still masses for Fi and I to learn and master, but we are so much further ahead than I dared dream of before I became a student of the horse.”

Thank you so much Helen Stowell and Fi for your inspiring story, it has been a great pleasure to watch you both learn to grow in awareness together and become such a wonderful team. I have learnt so much from watching you learn together. I can’t wait to support you in your continual progress and welcome the six new students of the horse who will be starting their journeys of discovery and “Genuine” awareness of the horse, at this year’s Foundation Clinic.

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